Personnel Security

  • Review all investigative packages and manage the e-QIP process and system.
  • Prepare and work with OPM on Special Agreement Checks and Fingerprint Requests.
  • Review all request for higher investigations. Following OPM guidelines.
  • Prepare all AD 1187 requests for service for all reciprocity, Public Trust and National Security investigations.
  • Review all AD 1188 justification for clearance to ensure that they meet the guidelines for National Security.
  • Using CFR 5 731 and the OPM adjudicative guidelines, analyze all available, relevant information.
  • Sponsor and adjudicate employees in the GSA, EDS Assured Identity Portal for a Linc Pass issuance under the HSPD 12 guidelines.
  • Provide assistance to the Foreign Nationals Program.
  • Provide assistance and oversight to the Non-Employee Identity System (NEIS).