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Our Approach

We strive to be the strategic thought leader and operational service provider of Shared Services in Talent Acquisition and Acquisition Management to the Federal Government. YRCI’s professional service excellence is based upon the quality of our highly knowledgeable workforce which enables mission success and customer satisfaction.

We’re Hired to Provide:

Strategic Insight
and Guidance on
Key Issues Impacting
the Federal

Shared Services
Delivery of Operational
Human Resources
and Acquisition

Scalable, and Cost
Effective Project
Based Solutions

Facilitation and
Coaching to Drive
Desired Outcomes and
Mission Success

Engineering Solutions to Match Your Needs

YRCI’s highly experienced staff has the knowledge, skills, and experience that elevate our clients. We analyze the Federal marketplace (candidates, partners, and competition), and actively participate in current industry events (such as the Shared Services Leadership Coalition) to anticipate future client challenges and engineer solutions to match.

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Knowledgeable, Professional Workforce

We are able to uniquely engage both career transitioning professionals and recent college graduates. Our seasoned professionals are the best existing technical talent available in the industry. Our junior employees take part in a training curriculum that will prepare them beyond their years and establish talent where there is a shortage and a historical lack of professionalization.

We create a knowledgeable workforce through a combination of:

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Senior Level

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