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Corporate Headquarters and Mailing Address

11710 Plaza America Drive, Suite 920
Reston, Virginia 20190

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Business Development for Professional Services

Human Capital, Acquisition, Financial Management, Records Management

Ronna Garrett
AVP, Strategy and Growth
Phone: (703) 559-6839
Email: rgarrett@yrci.com

Questions About Job Openings

Tereka Johnson
Recruiting Associate
Phone: (703) 995-9646
Email: tjjohnson@yrci.com

Ryan Wilson
Recruiting Associate
Phone: (703) 995-9624
Email: rwilson@yrci.com

Employment Verification

The Work Number
Web: www.theworknumber.com
Phone: (877) 442-9963

Questions About Employment
(e.g., Benefits, Payroll, etc.)

Human Resources
Phone: (703) 995-9600
Email: hr@yrci.com

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