Financial Management

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YRCI provides financial management (FM) services. We will be continuing to work with Government by investing in this area, and providing the high-level service our clients have come to expect from YRCI.

Planning, Programming, Budgeting & Execution (PPB&E)

YRCI has proven our capability in this area through our work at the Department of Defense (DoD). YRCI professionals work the PPB&E process from the Future Years Defense Program through Current Year/Budget Year execution and reconciliation. We work closely with resource sponsors at the most senior levels of DoD and various defense agencies. As with our other professional areas, we can support the full PPB&E process or participate in single segments of the process.

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Grants Management

YRCI has a long history of full life-cycle grants management. The Federal Government spends billions each year providing grants to significant programs and people. The management of those grants is a growing challenge. YRCI provides expertise in the continuum of the grants process. Our services can begin with developing a Notice of Funds Available and continue through evaluation, award, monitoring and audit, to completion, closeout, and recovery of individual and programmatic grants. Our professionals are available to work remotely on the full life-cycle or individual components of Federal grants programs.

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Auditing and Compliance Reviews

As public and Congressional interest grows in how government funds are spent, and how they are accounted for, the need for audit and compliance reviews continues to grow. YRCI has provided these services as part of our practice for numerous Federal departments and agencies. We provide professionals with various certifications to support any audit. We provide staff who are Certified Public Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, Certified Government Financial Managers, and Certified Forensic Accounting Professionals. We provide audit and compliance staff throughout the United States.

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