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GSA Schedules



738X: Human Capital Management and Administrative Support Services

SIN 595-2 – Talent Acquisition
SIN 595-3 – Talent Development
SIN 595-4 – Employee Performance Management
SIN 595-5 – Compensation & Benefits
SIN 595-6 – Separation & Retirement
SIN 595-7 – Employee Relations
SIN 595-8 – Labor Relations
SIN 595-9 – Workforce Analytics and Employee Records
SIN 595-10 – Agency Human Capital Evaluation
SIN 595-11 – Ancillary Services: Administrative Support Services
SIN 595-21 – Agency Human Capital Strategy, Policy, and Operational Planning


00CORP: Professional Services Schedule

SIN 874-1 – Integrated Consulting Services
SIN 874-6 – Acquisition Management Support

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BPAs and IDIQ Contracts

U.S. Department of Agriculture ARS HR Support Services BPA 
U.S. Department of Commerce – HR Support Services BPA 
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – Acquisition Support Services BOA 
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation HRB Support Services – Benefits Center IDIQ
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – SASS BOA 
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – HR Services IDIQ 
Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS) IDIQ 
National Institutes of Health – HR Support Services BPA 
Smithsonian Institution – Master Services Agreement 
National Science Foundation, Office of Inspector General – IDIQ (Sub)

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