yrci red real white ciricles - Leadership

Executive Team

yrci stephanie - Leadership

Stephanie Smith


yrci hans - Leadership

Hans Jaeger

Chief Client
Development Officer

yrci mike - Leadership

Michael Tomasulo

Senior Vice President
Business Management

yrci janine - Leadership

Janine O’Rourke

Associate Vice President
Human Resources

SusieField Circle e1618413035962 - Leadership

Susie Field

Associate Vice President
Program Services (HR) and Training

MattHoyt Circle e1618413101315 - Leadership

Matt Hoyt

Business Systems & Corporate Planning

Board of Directors

yrci john - Leadership

John Jaeger


yrci maria - Leadership

Marcia Aldaghstani


yrci michael - Leadership

Michael Goldman


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HRROC Leadership

20200115 YRCI 0016 crop CIRCLE e1589891727495 - Leadership

Rita Clinton

Deputy Director, HRROC

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Knowledge Leaders

ColinWaitt Circle e1618413068499 - Leadership

Colin Waitt

Director, Program Development

20200605 YRCI Cristina Chiappe Circle e1591379834379 - Leadership

Cristina Chiappe

Director, YRCI University

20200115 YRCI 0007 crop CIRCLE e1589891592950 - Leadership

Ronna Garrett

Director, Client Development

DavidSpinale Circle e1618413151972 - Leadership

David Spinale

Director, Program Services

Who We Serve