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The Shared Services model is now synonymous with the government’s best solution for resolving the pressure to reduce expenses, improve responsiveness, and overcome dynamic new mission challenges. YRCI is proud to be one of the first organizations to incorporate this approach into our business model.

The PMA and CAP Goal 5

Shared Services is covered throughout the current President’s Management Agenda and the focus of Cross Agency Priority Goal number five: Sharing Quality Services. Agency leaders, CFOs, CHCOs, and procurement executives are acutely focused on understanding how they can leverage shared services within their organizations.

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Delivering the Human Resources and Acquisition Services Solutions Needed by Government Clients

Federal agencies still struggle with costly and ineffective ways of doing business in a rapidly changing digital world where customer responsiveness and high expectations are at a premium. YRCI understands this challenge and our shared services center is designed exclusively for Federal agency customers.

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YRCI Has a Proven Track Record of Engaging with Federal Agencies to Provide Mission-Driven Results.


We are:

Dedicated to our customers and obsessed with ensuring quality outcomes and high customer satisfaction

Policy and operational experts that combine Federal workplace experience with a passion for problem solving and finding ways to innovate and embrace improved systems, new approaches, and unique solutions

Adaptive and leverage streamlined processes within a quality controlled environment that helps agencies create more bandwidth for core competencies, realize meaningful savings, and improve delivery of services that have historically challenged agencies across the government

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Implementation Support

The YRCI approach to shared services has proven to be uniquely successful because we focus not just on delivery, but also on the key aspects of implementation that support agency adoption of a new shared services environment.

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