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Introducing the

YRCI University

The YRCI University (YRCI-U) is a training and re-skilling program designed by YRCI’s own subject matter experts to address an expertise shortage in the Federal HR market as Baby Boomers continue to retire and leave the workforce.

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Comprehensive Professional Development

The YRCI-U is a way for YRCI to invest in our employees by way of creating expertise (in some cases from scratch) and opportunities to excel – merging adult learning with on the job training (OJT), and providing clear individual development plans.

YRCI-U is available for purchase by Federal clients through contract.

Ensuring Retention while Promoting Career Development

YRCI’s University curriculum is designed for a Federal Staffing Specialist to refine and develop skills in areas such merit system principles, conducting a job analysis and assessment questionnaire, regulatory requirements for a Job Opportunity Announcement, partnering with the hiring manager, and much more.

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Fostering Exponential Professional Growth

YRCI Strives to be the best in Federal Talent Acquisition and HR Shared Services. These core services are delivered from YRCI’s Human Resources Remote Operations Center (HRROC) based in Fairfax, VA, where our focus is superior services at excellent quality, speed, and scalability. YRCI’s Shared Services environment offers employees exposure to support multiple clients and typically allows our HR Specialists to progress at a rate three times faster than those in the Federal Government.

Through YRCI-U, it is our mission to make this exponential growth a reality within the Federal Service as well.

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