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YRCI Delivers Superior HR Results

For more than 18 years, YRCI has successfully provided comprehensive core operational HR support services to Federal departments and independent agencies.


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Processing, Payroll, and Benefits (PP&B) in a Shared Services Delivery Model

We deliver measurable results with a superior customer experience through our Human Resources Remote Operations Center (HRROC) located in Fairfax, VA.

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YRCI’s success is built upon four pillars:

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Professional Development

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Meet Susie Field

YRCI, DOC Enterprise Services Program Director

  • Former SES level Federal HR leader
  • 36 years of civilian and military human resources personnel experience, leadership, HR and logistic operations, multi-million dollar budget management, strategic planning and organizational development, and 3.5 years of HR Consulting
  • Proven track record of progressive, results driven leadership in management, including Army Headquarters and the Pentagon, Executive Office of the President, Office of Personnel Management, and The National Credit Union Administration
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The Results You Need Delivered Through Our Integrated and Scalable Shared Services Model

High Quality Deliverables

Consistent Service with an Evolved Customer Experience

Cost-Effective Price with Increased Staff Efficiencies

Compliance with All OPM Regulations and Policies

Trained Onsite Teams Led by Experienced Federal HR Professionals

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We Innovate Shared Services

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and Transparent

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Automated Case

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YRCI University

Full End-to-End Federal HR Training and Certification

PAR, Pay, and Benefits (PP&B) Training Academy

All YRCI-U PP&B modules encompass the right balance of audio-visual content, instructor and student interaction, and practical application exercises. A full-length module runs 4 to 8 business days and also includes On-the-Job (OJT) training.

We are capable of customizing every aspect of these modules. In order to effectively and efficiently achieve this customization, YRCI is utilizing our in-house Subject Matter Experts in the PP&B areas with our deep knowledge of DOC and its Agency subcomponents.

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Customized PAR, Pay, and Benefits Modules

In addition to our interactive exercises, these modules include additional media to support the learning objectives, such as video presentations, podcasts, and exploring websites. Students will receive a toolkit with reference guides and job aids that include helpful hints for success, checklists, and web links to reference sights.

Engage. Reinforce. Evolve.

Frequent application exercises will engage students and are designed to reinforce learning and build upon knowledge as the course evolves.

The final day of each module includes a comprehensive review of all material and proficiency testing exercises. Ideally, a sandbox or system access to HR Connect, eOPF, WebTA and all of the applicable National Finance Center (NFC) systems (to include EPP) will be provided for the processing exercises for all modules.

Meet Rita Clinton

Deputy Director – HR Remote Operations Center

  • Former SES level Federal HR professional
  • 33 years of Federal HR experience, 25 years in policy and operations
  • Director of Human Capital Policy and Accountability and then also as the Director of HR Service at Department of Energy
  • Deputy Principal Director at Department of Education Human Capital and Client Services
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Our Team of Experienced HR Professionals

Ronna Garrett

Ronna Garrett

Director, Program Development

  • Former SES level, DoD HR Director and Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer
  • Led team of 500 HR experts in influencing legislative change, developing creative workforce policies, and evaluating human capital management services that impacted 1 million federal government employees
  • Influencer, leader, organizational transformation expert, HR authority
Cristina Chiappe

Cristina Chiappe

Director, YRCI University

  • SES member with the U.S. Department of Agriculture
  • Cristina was responsible for all aspects of payroll operations, payroll accounting, government insurance, billing and collections for the NFC, USDA’s Shared Services payroll provider, which services more than 150 Federal Agencies and 650,000 Federal employees
  • Prior to that, she was the Deputy Administrator for Management at the USDA Food Nutrition Service where she oversaw all aspects of human capital management, contracts management, facilities and logistics

We understand Federal agencies seek to hire and maintain a workforce capable of efficiently and effectively carrying out their mission.